Stopping catcus moth

Cactoblastus cactorum, cactus moth

The cactus moth caterpillar with the damage it causes to prickly pear cactus.

Texas is under attack.  From lake-hogging zebra mussels and giant salvinia, to chilli thrips (a new pest of roses) and crape myrtle scale, insects from other countries seem to be entering the state at a record pace. recently published an update on the cactus moth invasion at  The cactus moth has undoubtedly been assisted by man, but appears to have made at least some of its journey unassisted by hopping from island to island across the Caribbean from South America.

This particular moth threatens the cactus growing industry in Mexico and California, and could have a negative impact on wildlife and cattle forage in Texas.  To learn more about other invasive pests, click here.

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