Household insects & other pests

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  • Ants

    Small, distinctly segmented insects (with constricted “waist”) that move quickly and often travel in trails.

  • Beetles

    Insects with wings hidden under hard covers (elytra).  Beetles can be pests of stored products, fabrics and furs, or they may just accidentally enter from outdoors.

  • Cockroaches

    Cockroaches are flattened insects with spiny legs.  Some types are found exclusively indoors, others are outdoor species that also enter homes for food and shelter.

  • Fabric and food pests

    Fabric and food pests include beetles, moths, mites and others.  Fabric feeders are usually found damaging furs, woolens, silks, feathers and animal hides.

  • Flies

    Flies are distinguished from other insects by having only one pair of wings.  Several different kinds of flies may be found indoors, and identifying the right kind is essential for control.

  • Termites & Other Wood-destroying insects

    Several types of insects can damage wood.  Termites come in two forms: the soft-bodied, cream-colored workers; and dark, winged-forms seen mostly during swarming season.  Wood destroying beetles are usually noticed when holes are left behind by emerging adults.

  • Other household pests

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