New factsheets added to Citybugs site

A website is a terrible mistress–always in need of attention.  Growth of Insects in the City seems to go in spurts, and after a period of neglect it has grown by four pages today.

During a recent Master Gardener training I realized that the new site did not include an old citybugs fastsheet called Entomology Resources and Supplies.  This page included a list of recommended books on insects, as well as information on where to get insect collecting supplies.  I have updated the old information and re-posted it in two new factsheets called Books about insects and Resources for insect collecting and observing.  In addition, the Resources tab has changed slightly with a new link to Kim Schofield’s Insects in the Classroom page.

There are also two new pages relating to pesticides.  The new fact sheet titled What is a signal word? describes an important tool for assessing the relative safety of different pesticides by a feature found on nearly every pesticide label.  An old fact sheet from the School IPM website has been updated and re-posted here with information about how to recognize the three categories of pesticides used in Texas’ school IPM regulatory system.  While this is a little more technical (relating to pesticide law) than most citybugs factsheets, the information should be of interest to every parent with kids attending a public school in Texas.

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