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katydidHow do I learn more about insects?  What books can I read?  Can I use insects in my classroom?  If these are questions on your mind, this is the place.  Check out the resources listed below, and if you want to suggest a new one, let us know through the comments box below.

  • Books about insects (Ent-5003) – An annotated list of books for folks who are looking for good references for identification, or who just want to learn more about entomology.
  • Resources for insect collecting and observing (Ent-5001) – Suggestions and links on where to find insect collecting and observation supplies.
  • Becoming an Entomology Specialist for Master Volunteers – If you are a Master Volunteer for Texas AgriLife Extension (Master Gardener or Master Naturalist), check out the website for the Entomology Specialist program.  It’s a week-long, annual class on entomology that will help you become your county’s expert on insects.  In exchange for the training, volunteers commit service hours in their county on an entomology project of their choosing.
  • Insect Collecting videos Learn how to collect, pin and preserve insects and other arthropods through video.

Insects in the Classroom

Kim Schofield is the entomology (IPM) program specialist based at the Texas AgriLife Research and Extension Center in Dallas.  Kim works with schools to incorporate entomology into elementary school curricula, and maintains a page on Insects in the City devoted to kids and bugs.  To learn more about how to use insects in the classroom, click here.

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