Texas A&M’s Inspiring Latina

Rangel Posada

Juliana Rangel Posada is a relatively new Assistant Professor at Texas A&M specializing in honey bees.  Last week she was named “Inspiring Latina of the Week” by Latina Magazine.  The magazine printed an interview with her that might be of interest, especially to aspiring Latina entomologists.

Congratulations to Julia for this honor.  Her arrival at Texas A&M was highly anticipated, as our department had been missing a honey bee biologist for an extended period of time. And bees are an important part of our agricultural economy in Texas.  This position is also looked to as a resource by beekeepers throughout the state. Juliana brings energy and enthusiasm to her job as an entomologist and is one of many professional entomologists at work in our department.

A small disclaimer.  I have never read Latina magazine before, so this was a bit of an eye-opener for me.  I’m not endorse all the racy ads and stories.  I’m just reading it for the article.

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