Seeking your feedback on aerial spray impacts

Do you live in the aerial spray zone in Dallas County?  If so, a survey form has been developed to get your feedback on the impact of aerial spraying on the wildlife in your back yard.

We are asking only those people in the AERIAL spray zone to participate in the survey (Please do not complete the survey if your neighborhood received only ground applications for mosquito control–we’re focusing only on aerial treatment zones).  Here’s how it works.

You can use this Dallas County Aerial Mosquito Spraying Daily Data Worksheet to keep notes on the impact of aerial spraying now on fish, bees and garden insects in your backyard.  One week after the final aerial spray (keep tuned to local news coverage if you’re not sure when this is), we are asking anyone in the aerial spray zone to complete this survey form.  Note that any forms filled out before one week after aerial spraying (possibly a week from today) will be discarded as invalid. The waiting period is necessary to allow for accurate garden insect observations to be made, free of influence from weather or daily insect population fluctuations.

Thanks to Dallas County Master Volunteers Sue John and Marilyn Waisanen for helping get this project off the ground. I will share the results of this survey with readers of this blog, when they are available.

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