New videos on mosquito control around the home

Dr. Mike Merchant in video clip on mosquito control

Check out four new videos on mosquito control

Today is the last day for my summer intern, Jeremy Farmer, and one of our final projects this week was making four new how-to videos about mosquito control.  These videos cover much of the material addressed in my last blog, but sometimes a picture (video) is worth a thousand words.

The videos cover:

  • Mosquito Control – Protecting Yourself Reduce your risk of mosquito bites by using a good repellent.  This video describes why you should use repellent and (at the end) lists repellents that are currently recommended by the Centers for Disease Control.
  • Mosquito Control – Stopping mosquitos at the front door One of the ways people may be bitten by mosquitoes carrying West Nile virus is when tiny mosquitoes enter the home through doorways.  This video discusses some simple options for reducing this risk.
  • Mosquito Control – Preventing Mosquitoes  Many homeowners create their own backyard mosquito problem by allowing water to stand in hidden sites. This video offers tips for spotting and eliminating mosquito breeding sites.
  • Mosquito Control – Control Options  Pyrethroid insecticides provide options for short- and long-term mosquito control in home landscapes.  Be sure to follow the label and apply pesticides in the evening to minimize risks to beneficial insects.

Click here to see the Mosquito Control playlist.  And thanks to Jeremy for his hard work the past two months.

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