New cockroach publication

(Last Updated On: June 27, 2012)

front page of new cockroach fact sheet“So what did you do at work today dear?”

“I helped finish a new factsheet on cockroaches.”

OK, so dinner banter with an Extension entomologist spouse often leaves much to be desired. And us bug people are never going to get rich or earn wide praise for our publications.  But I like to think that people benefit from products like the new factsheet on Cockroach Biology and Management regardless of how unappealing the subject.

Extension publication E-359 is the first major revision of the Texas cockroach factsheet in many years.  It contains updated information on cockroach baits available to consumers, along with illustrations showing how most people can do a pretty good job of controlling cockroaches at home without calling a professional.

Check out how a hair blow-drier can even help you fight cockroaches! New photographs show all the important cockroaches likely to be found around Texas homes and buildings. There is even a section with tips for professionals.

Thanks to Wizzie Brown for guiding the revision and making sure we ended up with a good product.  If you do check it out, don’t expect your family to appreciate hearing about what you learned.  They might appreciate you getting rid of the roaches, though.

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