An alluring auction

(Last Updated On: November 3, 2011)

The Department of Entomology at Texas A&M is offering 20 lots of fly fishing supplies on auction this month.  The occasion of the sale is a sad one for all of us in the department, as the fly-tying supplies remained after the passing away of long-time Extension entomologist, Dr. John Jackman.  Dr. Jackman offered a class at Texas A&M on fly tying–the only entomology class that I am aware of that was ever cross-listed with the Art Department.

John saw fly tying as an exciting blend of art and the science of entomology.  Part of his class consisted of learning about the biology and classification of aquatic insects.  Aquatic insects, of course, are the models for most flies used in fly fishing.

If you are a fly-tier, or interested in getting into fly tying, check out the auction at Lone Star Auctions.  When you go to the site, search on the term “fishing” to see the 20 lots.  Each lot includes two vises, hooks, and an assortment of other items used for fly tying. Given the current shortage of feathers due to the latest hair fashion craze, this could be a good deal.  The auction is open to the public and runs until November 16.  For additional information, contact Kathy Seaton (979-845-9742) or Sherry Boyd (979-846-9743).

I know John would be pleased to see these supplies used to create beautiful fishing lures.

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