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Webinar on emerald ash borer available

If you live anywhere in east Texas and have an ash tree you love, you may want to check out this new webinar on emerald ash borer. The webinar reviews some history and background on the new invasive pest that is likely to enter Texas very soon. I was invited to present on this topic by Dr. Mengmeng Gu as part of her Spring Quick-Bite webinar series this week.  So fair warning that you will be listening to me for 43 minutes. The webinar goes over some basic biology and how… Read More →

Mosquito and bed bug webinars

If you’ve never participated in a webinar (seminar on the Web), two good opportunities are coming up shortly.  This Friday, June 7, the Don’t Bug Me Webinar Series is hosting Dr. Dini Miller to explain how to get rid of bed bugs.  Dini, an entomology professor at Virginia Tech University, is one of the top field researchers with bed bugs.  She’s always entertaining, so this opportunity is not to be missed if you have an interest in bed bugs.  If you miss the program, the Webinar Series homepage… Read More →