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September no time to forget West Nile virus

If you live in north Texas, chances are that you’ve been following reports of mosquito spraying efforts.  You may have heard that in September the risk from West Nile virus usually goes down.  However, the latest data shows that WNV risk may a actually be higher now than any time during 2013. Last summer’s record outbreak of WNV is, and we hope will remain, the benchmark for a dreadful year of mosquito-borne illness here in north Texas.  This summer has been much different, with only five human cases in Dallas… Read More →

West Nile virus perspective

This week I attended the West Nile virus survivors support group, hosted by Dr. Don Read and his wife Roberta at the Medical City Dallas Hospital. The group meets every two months or so and provides a forum for learning about the disease and allowing victims to share their experiences and learn from other people who have been down the same rough road. This month’s meeting ended up being very moving, hearing the stories of several people who came down with the illness last summer. One woman in… Read More →