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The sky is falling… oh it’s just spiders

“Fairies with gossamer wings, bring forth beauty, grace and joyful things.” Dallas television and radio stations yesterday were obsessed with reports of strange white silk dropping out of the skies over north Texas. Although this is an annual phenomenon, it always seems to catch many unawares. The silken strands falling from the skies are spider silk.  The English called it “gossamer”, the Germans call it the “flying summer”.  Whatever you call it, this silken shower is evidence of a massive spider dispersal that takes place every year, especially in… Read More →

Spider woes

I just received a question through our eXtension “Ask an expert” site that I think might be of general interest.  It has to do with spiders.  The person wrote: “I have a [lakefront] home… northwest of Fort Worth. The lake facing side of the house has a severe external spider infestation under the high eaves over a sizable deck.  The spiders produce massive amounts of webs which must be removed with a pressure washer every few months, which requires 12 to 14 hours of uncomfortable labor.  How can… Read More →