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Insect ID via mobile device

I get lots of images in email and on the web for identification. I get to see some amazing insects and good pictures this way, but I also receive a lot of really bad insect pictures. And since bad pictures don’t help your chances of getting a successful identification, it’s in everyone’s interest to take better pictures.  So here are five tips for improving your chances to get an insect identified via email, your cell phone or other mobile device. Focus on the insect, not the background.  Corollary… Read More →

Flights of insect fancy

There are lots of excellent insect image sites online, but Texas Parks and Wildlife recently published a story by Texas entomologist and dragonfly expert John Abbot that I think is worth sharing.  It takes patience and skill to catch any insect in motion, but photographing insects in flight is an order of magnitude harder to master.  John has taken some beautiful stop-action pictures that must be seen to be appreciated.  Enjoy. Inside the Insectarium by John C. Abbott