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A chance to fight malaria

How would you like to save a life today? It’s not as hard as you might think. In the years since Bill Gates retired his position as CEO of MicroSoft Corporation, he and his wife Melinda have devoted tremendous effort to battling malaria.  Malaria and the mosquitoes that transmit it is the single greatest killer of humans in the world, accounting for most of the 700,000+ mosquito-caused deaths annually.  But unlike many of the other major problems in the world, solutions to the malaria epidemic are available now…. Read More →

What’s the most dangerous insect?

Ask people what the most dangerous insect or spider and you’re likely to get a variety of answers.  Brown recluse spider…ANY spider, bees, scorpions, hornets, ticks, army ants… the list goes on.  But few entomologists or medical experts would likely dispute that the tiny mosquito is probably the most dangerous arthropod on the planet. To underscore this with just one of many mosquito-borne diseases, the World Health Organization has declared April 25th World Malaria Day.  While no one can fully know the historical impact of malaria, the incomplete… Read More →