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Planting to nurture nature

We all have more power than we might think.  In a world where so many things seem out of control, anyone with a small plot of land, or even an apartment balcony with room for a few potted plants can make a small but significant difference in our environment. What we plant in our gardens can do more than just look pretty.  By selecting the right plants we can sustain native pollinators and attract butterflies.  We can create habitat for birds and reptiles and other small animals. Imagine a… Read More →

Caterpillars in fall not so bad

Finding a caterpillar on a plant or tree in your backyard can be cause for excitement. But they should be little cause for concern, especially during the fall months. To most human eyes caterpillars are alien creatures. With their squishy, worm-like bodies, and accordion gait, they are weirdly unique among other insects. Some are large and fantastically showy.  Others have ominous-looking barbs and hairs. And some are skillfully camouflaged, nearly invisible among the leaves and shadows. When gardeners do encounter a caterpillar, reactions range from “cool!” to “yuck!!!” Caterpillars, of course, are the larval stage of moths and… Read More →

Pollinator Garden to open in Lewisville

Got the gardening blahs?  Need some fresh inspiration?  Consider a visit to the new pollinator garden at the Lake Lewisville Environmental Learning Area (LLELA).  This Saturday will be the grand opening, beginning at 9:30 am.  I will be one of the speakers, sharing what I know about insect pollinators.  But Ken Stiegman, LLELA director will also be there giving a butterfly walk and Rosemary Carrizales, volunteer coordinator for the garden will answer questions about planting your own pollinator garden. The garden, of course, is open all the time,… Read More →