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Kids, bee careful out there

Entomologists often walk a fine line between sounding alarmist and underplaying the importance of pest problems. Africanized honey bees and children are a good example. The potential seriousness of living with these bees was underscored yesterday when a gym class of middle schoolers disturbed a bee hive in a water controller box on a campus soccer field.  According to news accounts, 20 students were stung, and several were taken to the hospital. Presumably the bees in this case were Africanized. Coincidentally this month, BBC News magazine interviewed Texas A&M entomologist,… Read More →

First aid for bed bugs

A couple of weeks ago I was talking with a nice lady on the phone about bed bugs. As if she couldn’t believe anyone else could quite empathize with her situation, she suddenly asked me, “Have you ever had to deal with bed bugs yourself?”  Thanks to a recent experience with one of my daughters, I could confidently answer “Why yes, I have!” Last month answering a late night call from my youngest daughter I hear, “Dad, I think I’ve got bed bugs!”  The next day at her… Read More →