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Giving Monarchs a hand

Where have all the butterflies gone?  If you think there are fewer butterflies, and just plain bugs, on your windshield compared to a few years back, you’re probably right. Recent studies point to alarming declines in both insect and butterfly populations. Most scientists think that the primary causes for these declines are the many changes we humans are making to our environment.  As we replace plant-diverse rural landscapes with simplified urban and suburban streets and lawns, we reduce habitat abundance and food supply for butterflies, among other insects. … Read More →

Butterfly gardening gets a boost

Anyone who knows me, knows I love books. Especially books with beautiful pictures.  And what subject is more beautiful than butterflies? The book I have most commonly recommend for people interesting in learning more about butterfly gardening is Butterfly Gardening for the South by Geyata Ajilvsgi.  Now there’s an updated, Texas version, of her book, Butterfly Gardening for Texas.  According to Sarah Gardener at Texas Discovery Gardens, the Gardens will be hosting Ms. Ajilvsgi Sunday, September 8 for a Garden Stroll and book signing. Admission is free to the… Read More →