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Butterflies and moths galore

In case you haven’t been paying attention, this spring has been great for butterfly and moth watchers in Texas.  A few weeks ago I noted the abundance of armyworm moths, and last week I had several questions about all the butterflies on the wing.  This week county extension agents in west Texas reported large numbers of the migratory army cutworm in and around towns.  The picture accompanying this article was sent by Rich and Nikki Lefebvre, Master Naturalists in Plano.  It shows an impressive number of red admiral… Read More →

Natural poses of moths

I love field guides of all kinds, but because of my profession I especially enjoy insect field guides.  I’ve come to appreciate well selected photos or artwork that carefully depict an organism’s key identification characters.  There is also a certain aesthetic to a meticulously-posed picture of a series of butterflies, or moths or beetles. You can recognize a quality posed moth or butterfly by the uniformly spread wings.  The trailing edge of the front wing should be perpendicular to the body and the hind wings must be pulled… Read More →