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Getting the Bugs Out: Bed Bug Training 2020

IPM Experience House: Getting the Bugs Out: Bed Bug Training 2020 is here to help you understand this old but new foe the “Bed Bug.” Long-time bed bug specialist for ABC Home and Commercial Services, Alan Brown, Staff Entomologist/ Department Manager will be providing his insights into best practices for bed bug control. In  addition to classroom training on the finer points of the “modern bed bug,” the class will get hands on experience with inspecting, treating using heat and other methods and developing practical and effective follow-up… Read More →

Avoid bringing bed bugs home

The fear of picking up bed bugs in a hotel room shouldn’t keep you from that next great adventure you’ve been planning.  Yes, frequent travelers do have a good chance of eventually encountering bed bugs; but a few simple steps can dramatically reduce your risk of bringing these pesky insects home. To learn more, check out this new video, produced by my colleague Dr. Pat Porter, that explains what you can do to avoid the curse of the bed bug.  And enjoy that next vacation to New York… Read More →

New bed bug publication

Got bed bugs? There’s help on the way in the form of a new AgriLife Extension fact sheet. Extension publication Ento-033, How to Select a Bed Bug Control Provider gives practical advice on what to look for when seeking professional help for these pests. Not just any pest control company will be able to provide you with the kind of service and control you need to get rid of bed bugs. This publication tells you how to interview a company, and compare different companies to make sure you… Read More →

Bed bug vs. bedbug

Last week, while reviewing an article in which I was quoted, I commented to the reporter about the spelling of the insect name “bed bug”.  The article writer was using the condensed (one word) form of the name and I argued that it should be two words. This is consistent, I said, with the way other insect compound names are handled. The editor thanked me for my input and said they would “look into it”. I suspect I know what that means.  The lumpers seem to be winning over… Read More →