2nd Edition of Garden Insects of North America

Whitney Cranshaw with book

Whitney Cranshaw shows off his new book at the Entomological Society of America annual conference in Denver.

The Master Gardeners I have trained over the years may remember the big stacks of books I bring with me to every insect class.  I love books and use them a lot in my job. One of the most useful references I use and recommend to Extension volunteers is the Princeton University Press Garden Insects of North America.  It’s been a great resource, and a bargain to boot, since it came out in 2004.

Now Garden Insects of North America has a second edition.  The original author, Whitney Cranshaw from Colorado State University, is joined in the new edition by David Shetlar, professor of urban landscape entomology at the Ohio State University. Together, these two guys make the most knowledgeable and experienced ornamental entomology writer teams I can imagine.

Both authors are experienced photographers and have taken many of the pictures in the book. In any case, the original edition has been enhanced by more and larger pictures (3,300 total!), and the text significantly updated.  If you’re serious about knowing what’s chewing-on, boring-in, or sucking-from your plants, you need this book.

Fair warning: this book is about the insects. It does not provide control recommendations. But knowing the insect on your plant, and its biology and behavior, is the first step in finding a solution.

Cost is $35 ($24.50 with discount) and it is expected to ship in early December.  To view information about the book or to pre-order, go to https://press.princeton.edu/titles/11145.html  and make sure you select the 2nd edition. When you go to the checkout, use the promotion number EX213 to get the discount. It could make a nice gift for any gardener on your Christmas list.  I’m ordering mine today.


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