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New-bee volunteers

A new resource was birthed this spring with the first graduating class of apprentice Master Beekeepers.  In March the Texas Master Beekeeper program graduated its first class of 68 volunteers specializing in bee culture and protection. Like its cousins, the Master Gardener and Master Naturalist programs, the Master Beekeeper program is intended to nurture trained volunteers to assist with public service and educational programs.  But the Master Beekeepers will work on projects primarily related to honey bees. With this first class Texas joins Florida, Georgia, Oregon and other Master Beekeeping… Read More →

Beekeeping Clinic

If you’re a beekeeper, you won’t want to miss out on the upcoming Summer Clinic in Bryan, TX on June 7.  Hosted by Texas A&M University Assistant Professor of Apiculture, Dr. Juliana Rangel, the clinic will discuss recent research projects, and subjects of interest to all beekeepers.  There will even be a hands-on session with Bill Baxter (bring bee suit and veil for this one), and a session on dos and don’t about teaching the public about bees.  Best of all it will be an opportunity to tour… Read More →