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New information on rose rosette

Last July I posted a story about rose rosette disease, which seemed to be on the rise during the summer.  A recent update to the scientific understanding has been posted by Oklahoma State University that supports the theory that RR is a virus-caused disease and preserves the notion that eriophyiid mites may be a prime force behind disease spread. I’m not enough of a virologist to judge the strength of the research, but the story provides a little bit of insight into how scientific knowledge advances.  New knowledge… Read More →

Rose rosette disease transmitted by a mite

This weekend I regretfully cut down two rose bushes on the side of my home.  Within a relatively short period of time they had begun to show symptoms of rose rosette, a fatal virus disease of roses. I had never heard of rose rosette until a recent sample arrived from the Denton County Extension office.  Horticulture agent Janet Laminack wanted to know if the sample was rose rosette.  The symptoms seen on these rose cuttings, I learned, were classic: excessive thorn production, leaf distortion and excessive branch development,… Read More →